Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How to get big arms fast?

Ask any man who wants to add muscle to their frame about their muscle building goals and they will probably tell you that they want big biceps, as soon as they can. The question "How to get big arms fast" is one that is answered in a million different ways on the Internet. Though some of it can guide you in the right path, the majority of answers will probably leave you more confused and bewildered than before.

Below, you will find a few good and solid answers to the question "how to get big arms fast?"

How to get big arms fast?

Go heavy - How to get big arms fast?

If you have been doing flyweights at the gym, it is time you said goodbye to those and begin focusing on heavier weights, even if it means that you will be doing far fewer reps. You must understand that your muscles, especially your bicep muscles, will only grow bigger when they are forced to grow bigger. Working out with small or manageable weights will only tone your muscles and not blow them up.
Go heavy and squeeze out as many reps as you can. You will love the results you get in a short frame of time.

More protein - How to get big arms fast?

Protein is the basic building block for muscle addition. Most bodybuilding sites will recommend that you consume at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight, if you want the maximum results from your workouts. If your diet is rich in natural proteins, you certainly don't have to consume 1 gram of whey protein per pound of body weight although you will have to consume at least .5 grams of whey protein per pound of body weight.
Whey protein is not very expensive and is a must have if you want to fuel your big arm workouts.

Rest - How to get big arms fast?

There is no point in working the biceps every day. Most muscle groups in our bodies need about 24-48 hours to recover. Working them with adequate rest will mean that muscle growth will never be initiated. Work on your back, your chest and your lower body on some days and make sure that there is at least a 48 hour gap between bicep workouts.

No more cable workouts - How to get big arms fast?

Forget about those cable machines for your biceps. They are another big no if you want big arms. Stick to free weights. Cable weights are great for toning and just getting a pump on in your biceps but are not good for muscle mass.

Be patient - How to get big arms fast?

Getting those insane biceps is not something you can achieve overnight. It will take time, regardless of how quickly you want it to happen. If you want to get big arms, prepare to give yourself at least a 6 month time frame to achieve that target. Measure your bicep's dimension every two weeks and increase the weight or intensity of your workout, if you see your performance plateau at any time. We hope we answered your question about how to get big arms fast.